Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript, give a keynote at The Ajax Experience.

Ajaxian have placed the presentation online so everyone can read up on some of the thoughts and discussion on JavaScript 2 and more.

Here we got to hear from the mouth of someone deep into the ECMA process about what we are going to see in JavaScript 2 and importantly why:

Motivation for JS2

  • Fix problems in JS1 that bug people daily
  • A type system to enforce invariants
    • instead of writing/debugging lots of value-checking code
    • optional annotations, an extension to JS1
  • Programming in the large
    • Package system
    • Visibility qualifiers (namespaces, private internal public)
    • Optional static type checking
  • Support bootstrapping and metaprogramming
    • Self-host most of the standard objects
    • Self-host compiler front end and type checker
    • Reduce need for future ECMA Editions

As Brendan flicked through these slides, I couldn’t help buy realise how important the decisions are. These changes are probably going to profoundly effect all of our lives in the near future.

Brendan Eich Keynote from The Ajax Experience


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