My name is Samuel Santos and I live in Coimbra, Portugal. I’m the Chief Technology Officer at Present Technologies where I lead the engineering team with a focus on continuous learning, iteration, stimulating innovation, and knowledge sharing.

With an extensive Software development experience, I’m passionate about Open Source, Java and Web technologies. I’ve contributed to various JBoss community projects and participate in several W3C working groups as invited expert. I’m the JUG leader of Portugal Java User Group, co-founder of the JNation conference in Portugal, and co-organizer of Undefined.js, a meetup group for JavaScript enthusiasts.

samaxes.com started out life in March 2006 as an informal way for me to keep record of Java and Web technologies. Gradually, it evolved into becoming both a showcase site as well as a place for me to add my voice to the web.


Minify Maven Plugin
Minify Maven Plugin combines and minimizes your CSS and JavaScript files for faster page loading. It produces a merged and a minified version of your CSS and JavaScript resources which can be re-used across your project.
Java EE Cache Filter
Provides a collection of common Servlet filters for Java web applications allowing you to transparently set HTTP cache headers in order to enable browser caching.
Secure JSP Taglibs
Simple Taglib to check whether the currently authenticated user (if any) has been associated with any of the specified security roles.
Stripes Injection Enricher
Stripes Framework dependency injection extension. Supports @EJB, @Inject and @Resource standard Java EE annotations.
Stripes XSS Interceptor
Stripes Framework XSS Sanitizer. Follows the XSS (Cross Site Scripting) security guidance posted by OWASP.
Bean Validation and JAX-RS in Java EE 6 and Bean Validation and JAX-RS in Java EE 7
Examples demonstrating how-to use Bean Validation annotations to validate JAX-RS resources.
Java EE testing and Java EE testing samples
Java EE testing code examples.
Collection of JavaScript controls and jQuery plugins.
JSCalendar themes
Clean and minimalist JSCalendar themes.


OSDOC 2013 - Lisbon, Portugal - July 11, 2013
Event information: OSDOC2013
Presentation: PT.JUG OSDOC 2013
10th meeting PT.JUG - Lisbon, Portugal - January 24, 2013
Event information: PT.JUG
Presentation: 10th meeting PT.JUG
JavaPT09 - Braga, Portugal - September 17, 2009
Event information: JavaPT09
Presentation: Java Web Development with Stripes
Demo: Source code