When you’re a web developer, you always keep running into annoying Internet Explorer bugs, so you need to hack your way around. Now with the IE7 out, a lot of the old CSS hacks don’t work anymore, and those that do still work, can’t be relied on to work in the future.

IE has a feature, called conditional comments, which could help us. As a hack it’s quite useful. IE 7 will support this too, and it even allows you to detect different versions of IE.

Here’s an example:

<!--[if lte IE 6]>
        @import "ie_hacks.css";

[if lte IE 6] means “if less than or equal to IE 6”. Other possibilities are:

[if IE]
if Internet Explorer
[if gte IE 5]
if greater than or equal to IE 5
[if lte IE 5]
if less than or equal to IE 5
[if IE 6]
if Internet Explorer 6
[if IE 5.5]
will work too
[if IE 7.0b]
as will this for IE 7 beta


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