Strecks, a set of open source extensions to the Struts framework aimed at Java 5 users, has been released. Strecks (which stands for “Struts Extensions”) is built on the existing Struts 1.2.x code base.

Read Phil Zoio’s article on Strecks, titled Building on Struts for Java 5 Users.

Strecks contains a range of features aimed to streamline the Struts programming model. Some key features include:

  • POJO action beans with no framework dependencies
  • action vs. controller separation. Request processing logic is encapsulated into Action controllers, simplifying action implementations
  • annotation-based dependency injection (typed request parameters, session attributes, Spring beans, and others)
  • annotation-based form validators (XML and code-free)
  • annotation-based data binding from form properties to domain model
  • annotations for additional per-field control over type conversion
  • simplified mechanisms to support navigation and redirecting after posts
  • pluggable navigation using annotations
  • pre- and post-action interceptors, with access to dependency resolved action beans as well as full runtime context

For a more complete list, see


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