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You can find plenty of resources about this topic just by googling the web, most of which will point to jQuery plugins.

But the fact is that it’s so easy to achieve this by simply using jQuery that you do not need a plugin.

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Both the TOC (Table of Contents) components from samaxesJS JavaScript library have been updated. Changes include: Reduced file size by removing duplicated code using a for loop when defining and processing indexes (1.8KB for the minified jQuery TOC plugin). Added a new option: context, allowing the TOC to list headings from only a portion of the page. Please report any bug you may find in the project Issue Tracking.…

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This example was greatly inspired by the Stripes and jQuery AJAX Forms article from Freddy Daoud, but with some nice improvements

Last week I was working on a new Stripes / AJAX example. It involves having a table listing entities, being the last row of the table a form for adding new ones. The form gets submitted via AJAX, using jQuery, and the response is validated in order to check if the HTTP session is still valid.

If everything is OK, the list is refreshed and a success message appears. On the other hand, if validation errors occur, the list is refreshed and an error message appears. Also, if the user’s session has expired on the server, an alert is shown to inform the user that his session is invalid, and the page is reloaded so the user can login once more.

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