Using LINQ with ASP.NET

Scott Guthrie, Microsoft’s ASP.NET and Atlas development guru, has posted a two-part article on using the Language Integrated Query, or LINQ, within ASP.NET projects.

  • Part 1 how to create the ASP.NET page using LINQ, using rich collections of strings, refactoring collections, working with .NET Standard Query Operations and using Anonymous types.
  • Part 2 details about DLINQ, or LINQ for databases, such as creating a DLINQ-enabled object model, hierarchical binding and basic pagination.

And more is on the way:

In my next few LINQ posts I’ll show how we will be able to build on top of the concepts I demonstrated above to easily add sorting, in-line editing, deleting, and selection support over our customer data – and also show how to easily Ajax enable it with Atlas.

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